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How to login

If you have an account on mvdbase, please use the unique URL that was sent to you to connect. It includes a crypted passcode that will serve to log you in.

If you are not yet a member... what are you waiting for??? Join in the excitement! See here for a list of the 30+ features that are exclusively reserved for members.

How can you join, you ask? Good question. We have a Patreon page up that you can use to pick a level and create an account in just a few minutes. When you sign up, make sure you include the username you want to use along with a working email address, as we will need that to send you your passcode.

PRIVACY NOTE: In its 20 years of existence, mvdbase prides itself in not having sold or otherwise disclosed email addresses to third parties. We take privacy seriously and you can rest assured that this policy will be maintained.

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