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music video mailing-list
(for fans AND professionals)

The Music Video Mailing-List

The Music Video Mailing-List is an online music video community where people sharing a love for videos can exchange thoughts and knowledge.

The list is open to both fans and industry professionals.

Important note: privacy is our #1 rule. Meaning a number of things:
--- No list of members is available - neither to the public nor to other list members (no need to ask, even I don't have one!)
--- Your presence will only be revealed to other members when (and if) you post to the list (provided you actually sign with your name). Thus it is possible to remain anonymous for as long as you wish.
--- List archives are password-protected, which makes them impossible to read for non-members.

All members are required to be courteous and respectful towards other members.

The use of foul language is strictly prohibited.

If you would like to join up and taste the list for yourself, just use the form below.

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