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An introduction

If you're looking for music video information and resources, then look no more! This is the perfect place for you.

Over the years, we have gathered a huge database covering 70647 music videos (as of November 24, 2018). One should look beyond their promotional aspect to find and appreciate their creative qualities. This "young" medium (it only really picked up in the early 80's) is still in its growing stage, gaining more power, momentum and respect with each passing day.

When we started in 1998 (at the time called VideoZone), there were only very few music video resources on the Web. This has changed drastically now, although some data can still be difficult to find. One of our goals with this site was (and still is) to help the business grow by making it more popular on the Web and giving directors and production companies even more exposure -- for both viewers and other professionals. Put more simply, we wanted to create a place where all this information could be gathered, making it easier to find for everyone.

Beside plain data, mvdbase also keeps track of weekly video releases, provides some of the latest industry news, as well as a growing "awards" section and many other features.

If you have any questions, can provide information on videos which you can't find in the database or are a professional willing to submit your own credits, please feel free to e-mail us or use one of the online forms.

In the meantime... have a good browse!

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